Printify Network Fulfillment Status

We’ve worked hard behind the scenes to help you ensure the best fulfillment experience for you & your customers, even with the naturally higher demand and the worldwide restrictions.

This page is designed to give you all the most recent updates on fulfillment status, crucial topics, as well as provide you with all relevant operational information and helpful resources.

Printify Network Fulfillment Status

Check the overall status of print providers in real-time.

Staying  informed on all our print provider network status via a dedicated, easy-to-read dashboard (Production not affected, slight delays, significant delays).

Real-time updates categorized by print provider for higher convenience.

Planning ahead and staying on top of recent developments with information for specific print providers, or the whole Printify network.

Order Routing

You can already prevent out-of-stock issues and lost profits with Order Routing. If the print provider you choose faces an unexpected stock shortage or is temporarily unavailable, we’ll automatically reroute orders to another partner for faster fulfillment.

Our new Geo Routing feature takes it a step further. When your customers purchase from overseas, we’ll send orders to their closest printing facility to eliminate customs fees and international shipping delays.

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