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Get access to 100s of 1000s of print-on-demand merchants all over the world placing 1M+ orders every month.

Product promotion

Our Marketing Team invests time and effort promoting new and existing products, while our Success Team takes care of merchandising.

A partner you can trust

Your dedicated partnership manager will get you set up and running in no time. While our 24/7 Support Team works to make sure merchants get the best service. There’s no need to build or grow your own customer support team, significantly reducing your costs.

Automated processes

With our seamless API, client orders are automatically sent to your facility for fulfillment with all the necessary information. This includes, but is not limited to, product images, product SKU, and shipping information.

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Expectations And Requirements

Excited to join the fastest growing print network around? Check to see if we’re a good match:

Integrating with the Printify API

You’ll need an ERP (Enterprise resource planning) system in place that supports warehousing for stock and order management.

Global, fully traceable shipping

As a worldwide company with partners across the globe, we're seeking organizations who share our approach to business.

High-quality as the standard

From speedy and informative day-to-day communication to high-quality printing and careful packaging, our merchants and their customers are used to the best.

On-demand white-label products

You must be able to print single items with unique designs. Printify is a white-label company, therefore, neither our nor your name can be mentioned anywhere on the label, packing slips, or inside and outside the package.

Get Fully Set Up in 3 Easy Steps

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Discuss and sign

We’ll ask and answer some additional questions.

Setup and kick-off

Integrate with the Printify API and start working with our huge merchant network.

Answering Your Most Commonly Asked Questions

An order from Printify’s merchants average’s 1.5 items per order, so it is important to be able to fulfill single item orders.

Approximately 90% of the merchants choose Print Providers based on Printify’s ranking system. This ranking system takes into account quality, speed, reprint/refund ratio, uniqueness of the product, and attractiveness of pricing.

Generally, we are open to the majority of printing methods out there. DTG, Sublimation, Embroidery, Heat Transfer, as well as UV/3D printing. Screen printing is not offered on the Printify platform.

We are growing our selection day-by-day, and therefore unique products are what we are looking for. We don’t want to follow trends we aim to set them.

In order to properly review the application, the applicant must fill out their company information on a shared document with predetermined fields to fill, as well as provide a full product catalog and product prices to review, including bestseller products.

Yes, orders must be white-labeled, so that merchants can apply their own branding and designs upon the orders received by their customers. Both Printifty’s and the Print Provider’s name should not appear anywhere on the products or packaging.

No, inventory reserved for Printify is not required, however, Printify will share projections of the expected incoming orders, which can help the Print Provider understand the possible number of orders coming in from Printify’s platform.

No, Printify has a dedicated merchant support team to deal with issues and any type of inquiries from merchants on behalf of the Print Provider. This can significantly reduce time and costs for the Print Provider.

The process can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on how compliant you are with our onboarding requirements. If you currently use Order Desk  integrations, you already have a foot in the door, and the process may only take a couple of weeks or even less.

The Printify pricing model is very simple and straightforward. All of our partners have equal, automatic markup, which means transparent market competition on our end. 

  1. You provide us with the most competitive prices 
  2. We analyze the prices and provide you with feedback, projected sales volume and potential to proceed with the partnership.

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