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A popular wardrobe staple, custom hoodies are always in demand. Design your own hoodies and start selling today.

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Rated Excellent 4.7 out of 5
See our 612 reviews on
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Make Your Own Custom Hoodie

Huge Selection

Sell customized hoodies in popular styles from reputable brands like Gildan, Hanes, and Champion.

Great Profit Margins

Create instant bestsellers with high-profit margins while still offering your customers affordable prices.

No Order Minimum

Sell one hoodie or a collection of custom hoodies – no minimum order amount necessary.

Design Your Own Custom Hoodies Today!

Create Bestsellers With Our Custom Hoodie Maker

Use the Printify Mockup Generator to personalize your own hoodies. It has a powerful, user-friendly interface that shows how your designs will look in real life. It’s free for everyone with a Printify account; all you need to do is follow the steps below.

Custom Hoodie Maker Print On Demand

Step One: Select a Product

We offer a one-of-a-kind variety of hoodies. Browse through different fits, like a classic, medium, or relaxed fit.

Choose between a zip-up or a pullover hoodie. Last but not least, filter them by printing techniques – direct to garment, dye sublimation (all-over-print), or embroidery.

We also have eco-friendly options for your environmentally conscious customers.

Step Two: Create a Design

Let your creativity loose and create an original winning design that speaks to your desired target audience. 

Upload the artwork to the Printify Mockup Generator in a suitable format, pick its placement and drag it into position. You can add some lettering with our text editor if it complements the design.  Click Preview to see and download the mockup images. Use these visuals to publish your custom hoodie listings on your online store.

Have a design idea but don’t know how to make it? Hire a professional designer to customize a hoodie for you.

Step Three: Start Selling Custom Hoodies

Use our integrations with the largest eCommerce platforms and marketplaces to publish your custom hoodies to your store.

You can track each process stage, like fulfillment and shipping, directly from your Printify account.

Advertise your custom products to reach more shoppers. Find out how to do it efficiently by checking out practical marketing tips and insights on our blog.

Unisex Heavy Blend™ Hoodie From Gildan

From USD 19.85 · From USD 15.29 with Printify Premium

A crowd favorite – the unisex Gildan custom hoodie – continues to prove itself as a bestseller. Merchants love it for the great profit margin, and shoppers adore it for its quality and comfiness.

The 50/50 polyester-cotton blend gives it a super-soft feel and helps keep everyone warm even during the colder months. It features a large front pocket to keep the hands warm or store small items and an adjustable drawstring hood.

The production price starts from $13.75 with Printify Premium, making it one of our most affordable hoodie options. Our print providers offer this model in many sizes and different colors to fit the needs of any customer.

Choose from more than 30 color options, from the standard black, gray, and white to bold tones like Heliconia and Irish Green.

Unisex Heavy Blend™ Hoodie From Gildan - Custom Hoodies

Choose and Design Your Hoodie

Explore the different styles of our customizable hoodies in women’s, men’s, and children’s categories.

Custom All-Over-Print Hoodies Print On Demand

Custom All-Over-Print Hoodies

Cover every inch of the hoodie with all-over-print (AOP). This printing method offers you the largest print area possible to unleash your creativity.

All our AOP hoodies are made from 100% polyester or a polyester blend. It’s a popular material for printing because it makes the colors pop and stick for longer. The dye becomes one with the fibers instead of just sitting on the top of the garment.

They’re also made with the cut & sew technique, where print providers print the design on the fabric before it’s cut and sewn together, leaving no room for issues on hemlines.

Make Your Own AOP Hoodies:

Custom Zip-up Hoodies Print On Demand

Custom Zip-up Hoodies

Zip up and roll out! These hoodies are super versatile, easy to layer, and will fit any style while keeping the wearer warm and looking fresh. We offer many different colors and fits.

Our zip-up hoodies are made from high-quality, durable materials that are smooth to the touch, perfect for printing, and will last for many years.

Choose between three decoration methods – dye sublimation, direct to garment, and embroidery.

Make Your Zip-up Hoodies:

Custom Pullover Hoodies Print On Demand

Custom Pullover Hoodies

The pullover might just be the most popular style of hoodie out there. Each pullover hoodie in our catalog comes in medium or premium quality at affordable prices for every budget. They’re manufactured by reputable brands like Hanes, Bella+Canvas, and Lane Seven.

Our chosen manufacturers make every pullover hoodie from durable fabric blends excellent for printing vibrant and long-lasting designs.

Choose between two printing techniques – all-over-print to make fully sublimated hoodies or direct-to-garment for decorating only the front of the hoodie.

Design Your Pullover Hoodie:

Custom Crop Hoodies Print On Demand

Custom Crop Hoodies

Trend alert: there’s a high demand for custom crop hoodies worldwide. These personalized hoodies are soft, breathable, and comfortable thanks to the cotton fibers used in manufacturing. Browse multiple color options to suit any style and taste.

Their short fit doesn’t make them exclusive for the summer months – fashionistas know how to layer them to keep warm while still looking stylish.

The crop hoodies come in trendy, relaxed fits with a raw or drawstring bottom hem and no front pouch pocket. Choose between multiple neutral tones like white, pale pink, or sage, and add your beautiful design.

Design Your Crop Top Hoodies:

Design Your Own Custom Hoodies Today!

Why Sell Custom Hoodies

People are buying custom hoodies all year round. This global love for hoodies can secure a steady stream of income for your hooded sweatshirt business.

Currently, streetwear takes the throne in fashion, and what’s the centerpiece of this style? Bingo, custom hoodies. In this segment, customers are comfortable paying more for a one-of-a-kind design.

The obsession with hoodies comes as no surprise – it’s the ultimate comfort piece of apparel, thanks to its versatility. You can dress it up or down for cool summer nights out or cozy winter days at home.

You can customize a hoodie to fit any fashion trend. Play around with color and add wild patterns or keep it simple with minimalistic text and a white, gray, or black base.

They also sell great as a custom gift on special occasions and promotional products.

Why Sell Custom Hoodies

Make Money With Printify – Let's Reach Greatness Together

Be your own boss – start a hoodie business for adults and youth with no upfront cost. Come up with a trendy, original design everyone wants to wear and let us do the rest.

Worldwide Shipping

We work with the leading shipping services to provide fast shipping times to any country in the world – from our neighbors in Canada to the other side of the globe in Australia.

Easy Customization

Design your own hoodie or explore any of the other more than 750 products in our catalog. We've made customizing simple with our user-friendly Mockup Generator. Just upload your design, pick its placement, and see how your products will look in real life with our hoodie mockups.

Bulk Discounts

We have no minimum order quantity, but if you order more than 60 units of the same item, you're eligible for bulk discounts.

Please note that these discounts only apply to the shipping costs, not the production price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Creating custom hoodies has never been easier.

Make a Printify account and gain access to every custom hoodie and other more than 750 blank products. Select one and create your own design that matches your customer segment. Upload the artwork to our Mockup Generator, see how it looks in real life, and edit if necessary.

Don’t worry if you’ve never designed a personalized hoodie before. Hire a professional designer to help you save time learning design from scratch.

After you’ve designed a hoodie, publish a listing on your online store or marketplace through our easy-to-use eCommerce integrations. Our system automatically pushes your customer’s orders to Printify, and we take care of printing and shipping. 

For the visuals, use the images produced by our Mockup Generator or do a photo shoot with hoodie samples.

Make sure to adequately price your products – not too high for your target customer and not too low to make a profit.

Look at the print providers list on each hooded sweatshirt page. We’ve collected various metrics to help you choose the most suitable print provider for you: location, average production times, prices, available colors, and hoodie sizes.

At Printify, we have no order minimums on any of our products. You can order just one hoodie for yourself or design and sell a whole hoodie collection all at once.

If you want to order more than 60 of the same hoodie, please contact us for bulk discount options on shipping.

Our print providers strive to ship out each hooded sweatshirt in 2-7 business days after receiving the order from your store. These times can vary based on order specifics and the workload of print providers.

Every hooded sweatshirt in our catalog features polyester. Most of these hoodies are made from polyester blended with another material like cotton for a comfortable fit and warmth or spandex for stretchiness.

Creating custom-made hoodies is low-risk and comes at no upfront cost. When a customer buys a hoodie from your store, only then it’s sent to production, and they pay for fulfillment and shipping.

Here are some examples of other costs you might encounter in your print-on-demand journey, but this varies for everyone:

  • A sample hoodie order to check if what you’ve created matches your expectations;
  • Paid ads to advertise your hoodie listings on social media and other channels;
  • Commission cost for designers if you hire them to customize your hoodies.

We offer custom hoodies made by the most customer-beloved, high-quality brands, like Champion, Bella+Canvas, and Hanes. Between all of these hoodie-makers, you’ll find every base color, size, and fit you can think of. All you have to do is pick what best suits your audience.

Our products don’t feature any brand elements on the outside, but for some, you’ll find a generic sewn-in label with a logo, e.g., Champion ECO®, inside the hoodie.

A website gives you the full power to customize your store to the moon and back. A marketplace opens doors to thousands of potential shoppers with little to no advertising efforts from your side.

If you already have a follower base, it might be easier to direct them to your website. However, if you’re just starting out, a marketplace can be an easier place to get steady on your eCommerce feet.

Read our detailed article on how to choose the best site to sell your hoodies.

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