Shopify + Print-On-Demand

Shopify + Printify: The Perfect Print-on-demand Experience to Grow Your Online Business

Sell custom print-on-demand products on your Shopify site with Printify’s super smooth integration. List products, track inventory, market your store, sell goods, and keep customers updated in just a few simple clicks.

Already running a successful eCommerce brand? Check out ourShopify Plusintegration.

Already running a successful eCommerce brand?
Check out our
Shopify Plusintegration.

Shopify: Perfect for Selling Print-On-Demand Products

Shopify is a premier eCommerce platform for budding entrepreneurs around the world. For any business looking to sell print-on-demand products, Shopify is a smart choice thanks to its affordability, range of functionality, and payment options. From print-on-demand Shopify apps to analytics, templates, and more. Anyone can create their eCommerce site in minutes without having to write a single line of code. Shopify’s wide range of beautiful themes means whatever your brand needs, there’s a solution for you.

Why Start a Print-on-Demand Store with Shopify?


When it comes to print-on-demand, Shopify makes it easy to launch an online store. Its user-friendly and intuitive tools are designed for newbies and eCommerce veterans alike. Comprehensive video guides on setting up a Shopify store, marketing custom products, selling your own branding, and more tips to help you succeed in Shopify print-on-demand.


With over 150 free and paid themes available in the Shopify Theme Store, creating a beautiful and distinctive online store that fits your brand with Shopify is a walk in the park. Millions of people are already running their print-on-demand businesses through Shopify, so you'll find plenty of Shopify store examples to inspire you. All themes are responsive, and each one is also entirely customizable for those who are code-savvy. Personalize your Shopify store to match your brand.

No Product Limitations

Sell an unlimited amount of physical print-on-demand products, services, and digital goods. There are no limitations on the products you can sell on Shopify, so Shopify is a great option, whatever your niche. Start your Shopify print-on-demand company and sell custom designs on your own store by offering a vast variety of products.

Third-Party Integrations and Plugins

To excel at print-on-demand, Shopify apps and plugins will come in handy. Luckily, the Shopify App Store provides everything you need to reach your target audience and succeed as a merchant. Useful print-on-demand Shopify apps and integrations include the Printify app, Oberlo, Tidio, Privy, and any other print-on-demand app that helps boost sales, services, and your POD business.


Shopify grows with your business, giving you the power of scale. Built for all types of stores, from big brands to small businesses, Shopify subscriptions start at just $29.99/month for the basic plan. If you already own a high-growth business and are looking for an enterprise-level solution, Shopify Plus is for you. Sell on Shopify and reach success with your own online store.


Shopify's awesome SEO feature helps you get your website ranking high on search results so new customers can find your Shopify store. Subscribers gain instant access to an advanced analytics panel to see where your customers are coming from, allowing you to tailor your marketing accordingly. Launch your Shopify print-on-demand company and sell custom products with guaranteed results using SEO, analytics, and various Shopify print-on-demand apps.

How Shopify and Print-On-Demand Work

Step 1: Set Up Your Shopify Store

To start your Shopify print-on-demand business, sign up for Shopify and choose a plan. You can start with a 14-day trial which you can extend, or choose a subscription plan based on your needs. 

Next, pick a theme, customize it, add your logo, and set up essential product pages and others like an About Us and Contact page. Make sure to enable Shopify Payments and preview your Shopify store to make sure it looks just right.

Sell on Shopify 1

Step 2: Choose a Print-on-Demand Partner

Once you’ve set up a Shopify store, it’s time to choose your print-on-demand partner. You’ll want to make sure you pick a tool that will give you the best quality, selection, speed, and, of course, price. 

Printify is the best print-on-demand choice for Shopify. The company delivers on all these factors with 700+ high-quality products ready for custom designs and a network of more than 110 print locations worldwide.

Sell on Shopify 2

Step 3: Create Designs and Your Custom Products

This is the most crucial step. Great design is vital. People want to buy great-looking products that they’re excited to get their hands on. But where to get the designs to sell on Shopify?

Make your own custom designs if you know how to use software like Photoshop or Illustrator and have a great design idea. Create your own designs and sell online to your target audience.

Hire a designer! This is a great way to ensure your designs look gorgeous and come in the right size and format for POD. Ask your network, try a marketplace like Fiverr, or try our Experts program.

Buy pre-made designs to sell on Shopify. Take advantage of our Printify x Shutterstock integration, find royalty-free artwork on Pexels or Unsplash, or buy designs from artists on Etsy.

Sell on Shopify 3

Step 4: List Your Products

With your Shopify store set up and your products designed, it’s time to start listing them, so you can sell them! Start small with 10 products, and drive some traffic to your store with SEO or paid marketing. Sell custom products on your own online store and send your design ideas directly to your customers.

Suppose you want to be sure your customers are getting great quality products. In that case, we recommend ordering samples, so you see and feel what you’re selling. With your products in your hands, you can also take pictures for your listings, paid ads, or social media channels.

Sell on Shopify 4

Step 5: Ship to Customers

If your designs are great and marketing is on point, you should soon start making sales and rank high among the best Shopify print-on-demand sellers. Create custom products, price them right, offer discounts, and fulfill orders with the best printing partners worldwide. Check out our guide on how to price your products for maximum success.

Sell on Shopify 5

Printify Is Trusted by 2 million+ Merchants Worldwide With More Joining Every Day

What Is Printify and How Does It Work

Printify is the technology platform that makes it possible for anyone anywhere to sell customized merchandise without the hassle and risks of having to hold inventory, negotiate contracts, or worry about losing investments. Our integration connects your Shopify store to 800+ products printed by some of the best printing houses around the globe.

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Customizable Products

The Printify catalog features over 800 top-quality customizable products from apparel and accessories to pet goods and home decor items, perfect for your Shopify print-on-demand business. Create custom products with our free Mockup Generator and make your own custom T-shirts, phone cases, stickers, bottles, custom tumblers and more.

Simply upload your design, choose sizes and colors, and click Publish. Printify auto-magically generates stunning high-definition mockups to publish to your Shopify site so you can start selling. Check out this tutorial on creating your first product and start selling today.

Why Choose Printify as Your Shopify Print-On-Demand Partner?

Printify’s smooth and easy integrations connect your custom products to the biggest online marketplaces and platforms, including Shopify, so you can start selling right away no matter your level of experience. 

When you partner with Printify, your Shopify print-on-demand business gets access to our vast catalog of 800+ items, easy-to-use Mockup Generator, and our dedicated and professional 24/7 customer team.

Our order routing features ensure your orders are fulfilled by the closest printing house, and that you never run out of stock – meaning you get to kick back and relax.

The print-on-demand model means that Printify takes all the heavy lifting off your shoulders. You only need to focus on design and marketing, we do the rest, from production and packaging to shipping products to your customer’s door.

Sell On Squarespace Using Printify

100% FREE

Printify is, and always will be, free to use, including designing products, creating mockups, and connecting to your Shopify (or other platforms) site. No upfront costs, surprise monthly fees, or hidden transactions. We also offer a paid subscription plan for high-growth businesses that saves you up to 20% on all products, giving you the best profit margins on the market.

Mockup Generator

Printify's easy-to-use Mockup Generator offers all the essential features to create designs for stunning products. Add up to five layers, import designs (jpg, png, SVG), play around with text, preview, and adjust to make your products look perfect. When you're finished, Printify auto-generates you a beautiful mockup to publish on your Shopify site and social media channels.

24/7 Support

Start your Shopify print-on-demand journey with Printify and get access to our dedicated team of experts. They are here to help you make sure your customers get their orders and to help fix any problems that may arise. Everyone who signs up for Printify gets access to the team around the clock via chat and email.

Shopify Integration

Combine Printify with Shopify for a match made in heaven. Our super smooth integration connects your storefront with your product inventory in just a click. Once you have signed up for your Shopify site, connect with Printify via our Shopify app located in the Shopify Store.

Global Network

Our 80+ print providers span more than 110 locations worldwide. Giving you access to some of the world's best and most specialized print houses. Select who fulfills your orders based on important criteria like shipping costs, availability, prices, shipping times, colors, and ratings on order fulfillment from people just like you. To ship products faster and cheaper, choose local printing partners for local orders.

Product Range

With over 800+ items, Printify has the largest catalog of customizable items on the planet. Everything from shirts, swimwear, shoes, bags, and pet accessories to home decor items, custom drinkware, phone accessories, and even games – everything you can imagine and more. From all-over-print to eco-friendly, custom embroidery, and other best print techniques.

Printify x Shopify

How to Start a Shopify Store and Sell POD With Printify

Printify connects to your Shopify site in a click. You can initiate the integration straight from the Shopify App or your Printify account. For step-by-step instructions, check out our neat guide on how to get started with Shopify and Printify.

Custom t-shirts are a wardrobe staple worn by millions around the world every day, and they’re ideal for creatives who want to show their stunning designs to the masses. Find your niche and give them slogans, graphic prints, brand logos, drawings, and more.

The reality is that hats never go out of style. Baseball caps, trucker hats, and beanies – there’s a season and occasion for them all. The fact that the headgear market is expected to grow at a rate of 6.45% from 2020 to 2025, backs this up – making our hats a great addition to any store.

If you’re looking for something that’ll never go out of style, a hoodie is the product for you. It has found a home in closets worldwide as an absolute staple. Whether your customers enjoy camping, jogging, dazzling people with a casually chic street style, or simply being warm, they can find a solution in a custom hoodie. Because of its versatility and simplicity, a hoodie will always be one of the most popular print-on-demand products around.

The classic tank top has never gone out of style, and right now, the universal basic is taking center stage thanks to the resurgence of Y2K and genderless fashion. A tank top is truly versatile: wear it as a gym top, pair it with your beloved pair of jeans, or just lounge in a summer garden. Tank tops are a must-have item in anyone’s closet.

Whether you’re a seasoned online store owner or just starting out, mugs are excellent products to customize and sell. A custom mug is simple, practical, and used daily by anyone who drinks warm beverages (that’s almost everyone). Create designs with a bold pattern, a fun or heartwarming quote, or an inspiring saying, and you’re sure to capture your customers’ attention.

Printify Print On Demand Platform

Why Start a Print-On-Demand Business with Shopify Right Now?

There are many great reasons to start a print-on-demand dropshipping business. First up, it’s easy to get started. Shops and products can be set up in just a few clicks, and there are designs and templates to help you get started.

Second, there’s low risk and no need for major investment – storage space and inventory cost money, but with Printify, you don’t have to spend a penny on those. You only pay after you sell – it’s never your own money, it’s your customers!

Third, you never run out of stock, and you’ll never be left with your own products that are never sold. Good for business and for our planet!

Printify is the best print-on-demand service that auto-generates stunning product images for your store and social media in seconds thanks to our Mockup Generator. 

By making your store ownership journey as simple and efficient as possible – you’ll spend less time designing and more time earning. Printify combined with Shopify really is the moneymaking match you’ve been looking for.

Already running a successful eCommerce brand? Check out our integration.

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